As of 27 June 2019

By accessing and using the Healthpass Platform, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Service as a binding contract between you and us under Pakistani law.

Who we are:

Healthpass by MediCount Private Limited is a first of its kind, free digital platform that supports you to better manage your health expenditures. Healthpass allows you to find nearby healthcare services, pay digitally, and earn instant discounts on your medical payments.

Whom to contact:

In case of any query, please contact and we will respond within 72 hours.

What services are covered by these Terms:

  • all services offered on our website;
  • all services offered on any mobile application of Healthpass, including teleconsultations;
  • our digital payment services that allow you to use 3rd party mobile wallets to pay for medical services at our Healthpass provider network, e.g. via QR payment, Till Code payment or Payment Gateway payment;
  • all other services that you may avail from Healthpass, whether in digital or physical form and whether at a charge or provided free of charge.

In their entirety, we refer to the above listed services as the “Healthpass Platform” or simply the “Platform”.

When this contract starts and ends:

These Terms are binding from the moment you start using the Healthpass Platform and for as long as you continue using it. If in the course of using the Platform you personally register and create a user profile or user account, the Terms will remain binding for as long as the profile or account exist, even if you don’t use your profile or account each and every day. In case we have reason to suspect that you are acting against these Terms, we may terminate your access to the Platform at our discretion at any time.

Your age:

You acknowledge that you are at least 18 years of age. Direct access to the Platform for minors is not allowed. However, minors may avail our services via the guidance, supervision and access of their adult parents or legal guardians.

You are you:

You acknowledge that you are using the Platform as a user/patient/customer (not as a medical practitioner) under your own name, even if you do so for the benefit of others, e.g. your children.

Not for Emergencies:

Our Platform is not appropriate for dealing with medical emergencies and you shall not use it for emergencies. In case of a medical emergency, consult the nearest available physical doctor or medical facility.

No replacement for doctor visit:

No service of the Healthpass Platform, especially any telehealth service, is meant as a replacement for physical medical examinations and procedures. The Healthpass Platform is only a supporting tool for the overall medical treatment of Users, for example for general health queries or for follow-up calls after physical medical examinations.

What we are responsible for:

  • Data Privacy and Security
    : We are responsible for technically and legally protecting any personal information that you share with us. We do so under the applicable laws in Pakistan and – for your additional comfort – under the rules of the European General Data Protection Directive of 2018 (GDPR), widely regarded as one of the strictest in the world. Our Privacy Notice as stated on our website provides you with more details and should be read as part and parcel of these Terms.
  • Quality of our (medical) staff
    : We are responsible and liable as per applicable laws for the actions of our own staff, including sub-contractors (if any) and including any medical advice provided by our inhouse medical team.

What we are NOT responsible for:

  • Quality of service of 3rd parties
    : We are not liable for the quality of medical services you avail from 3rd parties while using the Platform, for example for any treatment or advice received at our 3rd party medical service providers, including via digital means such as teleconsultation or messaging.
  • Quality of information
    : Despite our best efforts, we do not guarantee and are not liable for the accuracy or completeness of any information provided on the Platform, including user provided content, or any linked 3rd party app or website.
  • 3rd party platforms
    : Our Platform may provide links to other platforms for your convenience, e.g. medical provider websites. We are not responsible for the content of such 3rd party platforms or for any action you when you move over to such platforms. Please note that 3rd party platforms have different terms of service and privacy notices. We recommend that you study those in advance.
  • 3rd party refunds
    : We are also not responsible for any refund from 3rd parties. If you demand and agree with a 3rd party medical provider on a refund for a payment you have already made, this refund will have to be settled outside of the Platform. However, at our full discretion we may facilitate refunds in certain cases, e.g. if you have booked and paid for a teleconsultation via the Platform and now you would like to cancel your appointment within the reasonable cancellation timelines indicated on the Platform.
  • System downtimes
    : We are not liable for unavailability or malfunctioning of any part of the Healthpass Platform, whether caused by our own systems or those of our partners (e.g. electronic wallets).

What you are responsible for:

  • Truthful and legal
    : The information that you provide on the Healthpass Platform needs to be truthful, up-to-date. All your actions on or in relation to the Healthpass Platform need to be fully compliant with the laws and regulations of Pakistan. If we find reason to doubt the correctness of your information, or your adherence to these Terms or the legality of any of your actions related to the Healthpass Platform, we reserve the right to block you from using the Healthpass Platform without any refund and compensation.
  • Password confidentiality
    : You need to keep your password and any other access credentials to the Platform confidential. Don’t share your credentials with others!
  • Your actions on advice
    : You are fully responsible for any actions taken or not taken based on information and advice provided to you through the Healthpass Platform, whether from our own staff and inhouse medical team or by any 3rd party. For example: If you don’t follow appropriate medical advice given to you by our inhouse medical team, then the responsibility for the consequences lies with you. You also need to recognize that even if appropriate medical advice is fully followed by you, your health condition may still deteriorate nonetheless.

Your content:

If you provide any non-confidential content to us that is intended for consumption by other Platform users and the public (e.g. ratings, comments, posts, photos), you grant users, the public and us an unconditional and unlimited free license to utilize your content to the widest extent permissible by law. At any time, you can request that we delete your content. Our usage license will stop at that moment. However, we cannot assure that users and the public will discontinue using any copy of your content. Please note that you shall not provide any content that may be illegal or can be seen as offensive. If we suspect this to be the case we will pro-actively delete your content at our discretion.

The times are changing:

We ask for your understanding and acceptance that the following may change from time to time:

  • The list of our medical provider partners
    and any information about them, such as medical services on offer, contact details and discount levels.
  • The services that we offer on the Platform
    . We continuously strive to improve our services and add new ones.
  • These Terms of Service
    themselves may evolve and change. Any updates of our Terms of Service will be reflected on our website. Printed versions may be outdated. We therefore recommend that you check back into our online Terms of Service from time to time. Your continued use of the Healthpass Platform following any such modification constitutes your agreement to follow and be bound by the Terms of Service so modified.