As of 8 March 2019

By registering with Healthpass, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Service as a binding contract between you and us under Pakistani law.

Who we are:

Healthpass by MediCount Private Limited is a first of its kind, free digital platform that supports you to better manage your health expenditures. Healthpass allows its users to find healthcare services near them, pay by digital payment, and earn instant discounts on your medical payments.

Whom to contact:

In case of any query, please contact and we will respond within 72 hours.

Usage of your contact details:

By using our service, you give your kind permission to Healthpass to utilize your contact information (mobile number, email, address etc.) for the following purposes:

  • For processing your payments, e.g. in case a verification call is warranted or to resolve any complaint
  • For the promotion of offers, news and services at the medical providers where you have already used Healthpass
  • For sharing information on Healthpass itself, e.g. newly launched features or updates of these Terms of Service
  • For verifying your eligibility for any complementary services that you may benefit from free of charge.

We shall not be sending you information and promotions about medical providers where you have not yet used Healthpass, unless you explicitly request us to do so.

If any third party holds your contact information first in the course of using Healthpass (e.g. your telecommunication provider or your medical provider), you authorize us to procure your contact information from such third party in order to fulfil the above purposes.

We shall not be passing your contact informationto any third party without your explicit permission. Your acceptance of these Terms of Service does not count as such explicit permission.

We may store and process your data in Pakistan or outside Pakistan, either at Medicount Private Limited (“Healthpass”) or other Medicount Group companies or specifically contracted third party data processors.

Healthpass will adhere to strict confidentiality protocols and shall not misuse or abuse the data provided to it by you and shall at all times endeavor that such data is not used for any prohibited or malicious activity whatsoever.

What we are not responsible for:

  • Quality of service
    : We are not liable for the quality of the medical services you avail while using Healthpass, neither for any treatment or advice received at our medical service providers.
  • Quality of information
    : Despite our best efforts, we do not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information provided on Healthpass or any linked third-party app or website. We disclaim liability arising out of your use or reliance on Healthpass, or any opinion given by us or any user in relation with Healthpass.
  • Refunds
    : We are also not responsible for any refund. If you demand and agree with the respective medical provider on a refund for a payment you have already made, this refund will have to be settled outside of Healthpass.

The times are changing:

We ask for your understanding and acceptance that the following may change from time to time:

  • The list of our medical provider partners
    . and any information about them, such as medical services on offer, contact details and discount levels.
  • The services that we offer under Healthpass
    . We continuously strive to improve our services and add new ones
  • These Terms of Service
    themselves may evolve and change. Any updates of our Terms of Service will be reflected on this website. We therefore recommend that you check back into our Terms of Service from time to time. Your use of Healthpass following any such modification constitutes your agreement to follow and be bound by the Terms of Service so modified.